Tips On Choosing A Virtual Reality Headset

Tips On Choosing A Virtual Reality Headset

Nearly 20 years ago, there was a constant hype about virtual reality and all the great things that it was going to be and do. Then, each year there would be an update, and a promise that soon, VR, would be here. It was just around the corner, they would say, one more year, maybe two. Well, that went on for a decade, but now it really is here and it’s fantastic. It’s great for video games, video chat, expanding out the screen to work on your smartphone, and many other things. But there are some factors that you need to consider when you go to buy your virtual reality headset, here are some great tips.

The Marketplace Is Expected To Grow To Over $6 Billion By 2020

As with any new product, and especially technology gadgets, the first brands and models to hit the market are extremely expensive and not really what you were hoping for. The same with VR tech, the first one’s out weren’t worth the price and weren’t all that good. But things were getting better and cheaper each year.

The first focus was primarily the gaming industry because they were the customers that were waiting and anticipating the arrival for so long, and they were willing to spend the money to be first adopters as well. Some were impressed while others were left wanting more.

Plus, some of the virtual reality headsets didn’t reproduce the 3D effects quite the way people had hoped. But as each new model arrived, some of the problems would be fixed, and the price usually went down at the same time.

There Is A Huge Promise For VR Technology To Replace Monitors

At some point, it’s almost certain that virtual reality headset technology will almost completely replace the standard monitors that we know today. It’s not time yet, but it could come sooner than most people realize. When combined with voice to text technology, it will be possible to put on your headset and completely control your computer, household, watch movies, TV, make phone calls and play games. Here are some of the problems you might encounter now, with a new headset.

Some of the headsets have adjustments that can accommodate those that have poor eyesight, while with others you’ll need to have room to wear your regular glasses at the same time. So, if you wear glasses, make sure you read the online reviews carefully to know which headsets have a focus for nearsighted, normal, and farsighted people.

Some headsets also have problems working with all different sized phones. If you’re going to use it connected to your smartphone make sure it’s compatible, and again, read the online reviews to see if others are having problems with the screen size being too small on their VR headset.

Another problem that is still prevalent in the industry is the cheap manufacturing of the plastic parts. If you’re going to be paying top dollar for your headset, you don’t want injection molded plastic parts that still have sharp edges and that are easily breakable either.

The bottom line is this, if you’ve been waiting for virtual reality to get here, your wait is over, there are a lot to choose from, and more on the way. But, take the time to investigate each model to make sure that it will work for the task you need it for, that it’s quality made, and that it will fit your glasses and lifestyle as well. One of the best things you can do is read reviews from verified buyers online.