New Standalone VR Headset Are Nearly Here And They're Awesome

For many years we’ve been promised a virtual reality headset that would leave us speechless and impress us with quality. It has taken nearly a decade for some of that to finally happen. There are now some headsets that can be connected to your gaming device that allow you to virtually walk through rooms and destroy monsters at will. They are becoming high definition enough to satisfy even the most avid gamer. There are still some problems to be worked out, but you can now feel like they’re working on it, and it is close.

You Still Need To Be Connected To Your Computer

The biggest problem that a lot of people are still upset with is that you have to be connected to your smartphone, computer or gaming console to really use your VR headset. And, to really get the best experience, you need a high-end PC as well.

However, there is word that a new standalone VR headset is in the works that will revolutionize virtual reality because you won’t have to connect to your smartphone or computer at all. It’s being hailed as the untethered virtual reality headset.

One caveat is that in order to gain the best experience with it, you may need to be in a room with very little furniture, or you’ll be tripping over things as you work through your game. You should at least make sure the center of the room is clear and everything else is moved to the perimeter.

The standalone VR headset actually has a processor that is mounted in the back, behind your head, with a small cooling fan working all the time. There are also four cameras on the front of the set pointed in slightly different angles. It looks very much like the Oculus Rift, one of the VR headset developers that are making some of the most cutting edge sets on the market.

With the set, you can actually walk around inside of virtual buildings or outside as well, when you turn your head in one direction that’s the way you’ll go in VR too. As you walk forward, you’ll be walking forward in VR at the same pace and in the same direction, you can turn your head and look each way as you go, just like real life.

One Safety Feature Is That The System Warns You Before You Crash

As you walk around the virtual room and physical room at the same time, you’ll obviously begin to bump into things that you can’t see in the real world. The VR system then will let you know by changing into a series of blue lines, then you can change direction or reverse course to make the warning lines disappear.

The experience is very liberating since you’re now completely untethered to any kind of computer, smart phone or game console. You can move as far in any direction as you want, physical limitations aside, of course. Thanks to the four cameras mounted on the headset, you’re completely safe from accidentally walking into anything.

Unfortunately, it won’t work as well in a wide open space since there isn’t anything nearby for it to gauge its location from. And, at this time, it does have trouble with certain low light situations, but that should be fixed soon. This new product is probably going to be introduced by Facebook, so set your Google alerts and keep an eye out, it does promise to be a game changer, pardon the pun.