Where You Can Get A Virtual Reality Standalone Headset

Where You Can Get A Virtual Reality Standalone Headset

One of the most popular advancements in modern technology today is the recent development of virtual reality headset. You are probably seen these before. They are large, sometimes cumbersome, headsets that will actually allow a person to perceive that they are in a different world. Many of them have up to 110� of view, something that has proven to be problematic for many of the manufactures because of difficulties with refresh rates. As the human eye turns to look within the virtual reality headsets, it can cause chromatic aberrations to occur, along with distortions, leading to the possibility of eyestrain and what is called virtual-reality sickness. There are several models that are on the market right now from companies like Samsung and Oculus Rift. This take a look at what these virtual reality standalone headsets are able to do and where you can get them for a good price.

How Do They Work?

These headsets are very unique because they actually allow the user to look at an integrated screen, or perhaps even a screen that is provided by a smart phone within these headset enclosures. They allow your brain to process the information that is presented to get the impression that you are in a virtual-reality, but this has not been without problems. Something called latency is a major problem with these games due to the high speed that needs to exist for the refresh rates. This can cause distortions in what is seen, and it also cannot account for things such as the natural change of glare or reflections that would naturally be seen such as looking at the surface of water. Many of the top players in this field including Oculus Rift started out less than five years ago. Although the technology was first introduced back in 1994, there are now many different virtual-reality standalone headsets that are available.

Where Can You Purchase These?

By doing a simple search on Google, you will see some of the top players in the industry including HTC, Samsung, and Lg to name a few. You can either use the ones that are going to work with gaming consoles like PlayStation, or use those that are designed to work directly with smart phones such as those that were developed by Samsung in conjunction with Oculus not too long ago. Prices can range from a couple thousand dollars to just $100, depending upon the quality of the experience that you want to have. They literally can make you believe that you are participating within a virtual-reality and that is why gaming companies have spent so much money, along with doing crowdfunding, to get into this industry as fast as possible. Facebook has obviously noticed how important and potentially profitable this concept can be. They acquired Oculus VR for $2 million back in 2014. It is literally a game changer in terms of providing a more realistic gaming experience, but it is also used in different areas such as medical training for medical students that are learning how to do certain surgeries. Find out more about these virtual reality standalone headsets today.