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Virtual Reality Stand-Alone

How Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Headset of Google could enhance the gaming?

This VR Stand-alone headset is much different than current VR headsets like HTC Vive, Play station VR, and Oculus Rift that demands help. Mostly VR headsets utilize background working PCs to do all heavy lifting. Even devices like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google cardboard that don’t need to be connected with a complete powerful PC still require a Smartphone to be inserted. Besides these current situations, Google is looking for launching something that could surpass the whole VR devices.

As per Wall Street Journal, Google is trying to launch a Stand-alone VR headset with all components inside the unit. We don’t know when it will be released or how this device would look like, but this can completely enhance the middle ground – providing a quality experience not limited to an expensive game console or PC. Some types of android integrations may include in this Google’s VR device. However, with some strongly built platforms like iOS, we can expect these features to surprise non-Google users.

This Google VR will compete directly with current modern VRs such as HTC Vive, as well as higher sets like Samsung’s Gear VR. The thing that makes this VR different from other headsets is that you don’t require your head to be attached to an external device/box. This could lead to efficient and interesting uses.

Fully-wireless Stand-alone VR Headset

One of the coolest and efficient features of HTC Vive is its ability to track locations when you’re walking around wearing the headset; this feature alone sets this HTC’s device as an immersive gameplay device. As Google’s VR has its own PC packed into its own, it could offer some extensive features with the excellent experience when moving around Virtual Reality. Google’s VR has an outward facing camera that assists you with the location, thus preventing you to bump into the furniture.

The device has its own built-in battery, and the only wire you would use with this VR headset is the charging cable. Google VR headset is going to enhance VR games that demand you to do cartwheels. A future where you can enter your home and start using VR headset without any wire is just coming.

Sleeker design ever

After many reviews, we’ve seen that its design is the sleekest among all. Merging everything needed for a VR experience into one VR stand alone headset can lead to mass adoption- a big benefit for those who are intimidated by PC game or don’t happen to assist a play station 4. This VR headset is pretty awesome and an easy way to go who want simply wanted to put and press the button to start the adventure.

Simpler and smaller new VR technology trends are evolving the world day-by-day. There are many VR headset devices we are coming but did not see them; still we are in the beginning days of VR. If Google can manufacture the VR headset with all-in-one features, affordable, and attractive, people could offer great kick in pants for their devices.

Virtual reality Fitness

Virtual reality Fitness Exercise and applications

The previous year, high-powered virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift have revolutionized the market, putting exceptional multimedia in the hands of the public. These VR headsets were mainly focused on gaming, entertainment, and for handful services i.e. fitness and medical applications. Many in the industry claim that Virtual Reality will first break the mechanism through gaming and entertainment like cinematic VR, person video gaming, and virtual events such as concerts and sports matches.

VR fitness

Besides fun, gaming, and entertainment, a few major companies at VRLA possessed much-advanced aims related to medicine and fitness applications. Many of these applications remain limited in their early days and proved much expensive for consumers. Some manufacturers are calling the trend of utilizing the Virtual Reality in exercise fitness. One good example to understand this concept is cycling classes – a class where all walls are covered with screens and projectors.

3D images produced by projectors will make you feel that you’re really speeding down the streets- enjoying great workout or jogging. The landscape showing a scenario that really makes you thinks that you make it to the top of the mountain. Plus with a virtual guide that keeps you motivated during the workout. Virtual Reality fitness would enhance the way you workout in the coming years.

Virtual reality fitness schemes feels like being dropping in the imaginations of a 3D movie. You become so focused on the artificial scenario that you might forget you’re still indoor. Pedaling hard to get up on an artificial mountain can be really fun.

Virtual reality fitness applications

Many people use exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills to exercise at home. You can exercise any time of the day and any day. However, exercising outdoor can be funnier but not all people have the opportunity to do it regularly. Some applications that can make you feel like you are exercising outside are listed below. They are iOS applications.

Virtual Active

This application offers 16 locations to live new life inside your house. It can provide information like how hard you are working out and adjust the video play back speed to keep pace with you.

Virtual Runner

It offers high definition videos at your tablet, you can choose your favorite routes; regardless of any weather condition. This application is compatible with ANT+ gadgets.


BitGym upgrades your cardio machine by assembling attractive trails and routes from all around the world to your workouts. BitGym works on treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. This application can track your speed by using front-facing camera located on your device.

GameFit Bike Race

GameFit Bike Race is a 3D cycling game that motivates you to work harder. This application comprises 8 cycling locations i.e. daytime, sunset, midnight rides and keeps pace with your music.

Overall Review

Virtual Reality Fitness methods and applications can really make your indoor workout into an outdoor activity. It is still recommended to run outside, but if the weather does not cooperate you can count on VR fitness.



Information on Virtual Reality

Future of VR Headset Standalone

Wireless stand-alone head-mounted displays may be the reason in bringing the VR to the rise, not just for household or education but also for enterprise usage. Many companies are struggling worldwide to manufacture a stand-alone VR headset, but companies would need technological information about the battery life and efficiency of other components before it came into existence.

Virtual reality has enhanced most of the media buzz as one of the coolest emerging technologies. Alongside other technologies such as intelligence, autonomous vehicle and augmented reality, the future is starting to look more modern than it could be. If the VR Headset is going to surpass previous records, there is one thing that has to go, it’s not the price tag, and it’s the cord – making it wireless. 

Virtual Reality cords and wires are experienced to be hated and dangerous, but many headsets today require them. However, Virtual Reality is progressing to a place where most-powerful VR headsets would be able to operate without the use of any wires – there’s no need to be connected to a PC or Smartphone when using VR headset. Within few years, there will be cordless wireless VR headsets everywhere. However, we will see them in the market after 2 or 3 years.

Major companies around the world have already announced their plans of launching a standalone, high powered headset including Qualcomm, Oculus, Intel, and Alcatel. Intel revealed its project alloy in 2016, which is an all one headset and will offer open APIs for the market. This will enhance the beginning of standalone headsets to the VR ecosystem as other manufacturers would be able to improve from Intel’s standalone VR headset blueprints.

Virtual reality is already improving health care industry with some medical professionals evaluate, manage, and treat chronic disease. Doctor’s can examine and upload a patient’s MRI or CT scans to different programs that will convert these scans into digital 3D prints for new doctors – they can practice on the patient before the procedure.

Wires with VR headsets are more than an annoyance in these practicing methods. The smallest distraction such as moving the cord out of the way can disrupt the learning process and can be really dangerous. While engaging the imagination world, users are blind to the reality, making it more dangerous with surrounding equipment and technology in the workplace.

Besides the distraction, another big problem with these VR headsets is the setup procedure. A stand-alone headset will be able to work with efficiency to run the entire experience, and the user would be able to navigate content and learn training at the same time. This will be faster and streamlined when utilized with a cloud-based connection.

The future is bright, processor chip enhancements and efficient graphic cards are effectively altering VR headset manufacturing. Qualcomm has recently launched the first ever 10nm processor which demands 25% less power as compared to other processors. The VR industry is beginning to fulfill today’s dreams; however, it can take longer than expected. 

How can Virtual Reality enhance the education?

Technology and education are connected with each other. Technology evolves then there will be a significant change in education method also. The most common adopter of technology is education; education is also an aspect that is being fully transformed in the starting era of VR technologies. However, education has not much evolved during the past few years including teaching approaches and methods.

In this modern era, many people prefer online education over going to a certain place daily to gain something. No doubt, virtual reality is further than this. Some virtual reality products to be used in colleges and schools are already under their way. There are many schools and teaching platforms all over the world that utilize virtual learning to provide students with more clearer concepts of all time.

Virtual reality classroom

Virtual reality classrooms allow students to learn with different kinds of learning techniques, styles. It also gives an opportunity to show various concepts more clearly in reality. There are two methods of assembling a virtual classroom, first by setting up a desktop screen in class and the other by providing students some input devices such as Virtual Reality Headsets.  

Everything can become possible

Using VR Headsets in classrooms everything can become possible. The procedure of game-based learning and constructivism ensures that children learn with excellence by doing it themselves. Rather than reading history in history class, using VR headsets students can become real historians.

This provides the ability to know about practical to the classroom without any efforts. It enhances the experience of students. Rather than concentrating on boring lectures, students can put their lecture’s perspectives into reality by putting on a Virtual Reality Headset but in a virtual wrapper.

VR game-based experience

Engagement and motivation are two main factors game-based learning, and VR headsets can take those to a whole new level. Exploring every aspect of your education is actually a foundation to self-knowledge. An experienced is a key to get the job and also such experience that could have a positive impact on work, usually take years to gain. Game-based learning is really fun and provides great motivation.

There are many schools and colleges in the world that use games as a matter of regular subject practice. They are not only the source of engagement and fun in the class, they can make a huge difference in education level.

Virtual Reality Headsets are the new tools

Virtual reality technology is the foundation of imagination world, which is capable of breaking all boundaries of our thinking. Its adoption does not demand only efforts and time, but also thoroughly methods to assemble and adjust the technology for the learning purposes. New kind of creativity merged with modern tech such as Virtual Reality Headset can take the education system to a new level. The oculus Rift has tremendous abilities in any 3D environment that are built to engage it.

The world of reality has its limits, education doesn’t. Students can benefit from whole new experience using Virtual Reality Headsets for education purposes – entering the world of imaginations that is boundless.               

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